Mathematics 153 - Calculus for the Mathematical Sciences

Fall 2002

Final Exam:

Scott 123, CAC, Dec. 16, 4-7 PM

Course Information General information Syllabus, Homework
Workshops Advice on workshop writeups Sample write-up. (IE recommended for printing that page)

Review Materials - Final Practice Final Answers Scott Hall 123
Monday December 16, 4-7
Review Materials - Midterms Review Problems
Midterm I
More Review Problems
Review Problems
Midterm I, Answers
Midterm II (PDF)

Midterm II (PS)

Review Sessions 1st Midterm:
Hill 116
Sat Oct 12 10-11
2nd Midterm:
Monday Nov 18 4th/5th period
Hill 244
Formula Sheet

Lectures: Monday/Thursday, 3rd period, Hill Center 116, Busch Campus
Workshop schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed in SEC:
Section 1:SEC 210, Period 7
Section 2:SEC 218, Period 7

Final Examination: Monday Dec. 16, 4-7 PM.
Location to be announced.

Contact Professor Cherlin, Hill 244, cherlin@math, for further information.