Math 152 (Sections 19-21), Spring 2010

Lecturer: Professor J. Beck
Office Hours: 2:40-4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in Hill 222

Grading scheme for sections 19-21: The final exam will be worth 200 points.
Each of the two hourly exams will be worth 100 points.
The writeups of the Wednesday workshops will be worth 75 points.
The homework and quizzes will be worth 50 points.
Your course grade will be determined by this score, out of 525 points.

The exams: The exams are closed book. No notes are allowed except for the formula sheet that is attached to the exam. Calculators are not allowed. All work must be shown. If you miss an exam, then you must get a written excuse from your dean before you can take a makeup exam.

The workshops: At the end of each Wednesday workshop, the teaching assistant will tell you which workshop problem or problems must be written up. You have to do the writeup without consulting other people, even though you worked on the workshop problems in small groups during the Wednesday class. The writeup must be in your own words, and the exposition is just as important as the mathematics. The writeup must consist of complete English sentences arranged in paragraphs. The writeup is due at the start of the next workshop. Late writeups will not be accepted.

The textbook homework: The homework problems will be announced during lecture (Tuesday or Friday). They will be due at the next workshop. Late homework will not be accepted.