This page contains examples of old workshops, as well as a very brief introduction to the use of the TI-82. This material is for the benefit of any curious students or faculty. Typically no more than four problems are presented to students in a workshop. The ideal problem is somewhat open-ended and may be difficult to understand, just like a "real" problem!

As you read the problems remember that students work on them in groups, with textbook and graphing calculator available and with the instructors circulating to provide suggestions for exploration and discussion. Students then individually write up solutions of at least one problem each week.

The workshops are provided in two viewable formats: GIF format (which most viewers can handle) or PS format (which is of higher quality but may not be viewable for you, depending on your system). Click on either GIF or PS to view the workshop you want.

In addition, the TeX source files for the workshops are provided: click on TEX to download them. Some of the TeX sources also require one or more graphics files; click on PIC, PIC1, etc. to download these so that the .tex files will TeX correctly.

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From 1995-96:

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