Spring 2004, Mathematics 136, Section 01-03, Course Information

Lecture Notes on affine and quadratic functions, and their graphs

More notes on multi-variable calculus: Tangent Planes

Course structure: Assigned work, grading policy, office hours, etc.

Syllabus: Lecture by lecture syllabus, Homework Assignments.

Course Structure

MEETING TIMES: The lecture for Math 136, section 01-03, Spring 2004, meets Tuesday and Friday, period 3 (11:30-12:50), in Murray Hall, 212, on the College Avenue Campus.

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Ocone, ocone@math.rutgers.edu: Office hours; T,F: 10:00-11:10, in HH,B7 ; or by appointment in Hill 518, Busch.


TEXT and WEB MATERIAL: Students should have purchased Strauss, Bradley, Smith ; Calculus; Prentice Hall (Third edition). Further required text material has been placed on the web at the site http://www.prenhall.com/rutgerscalc. Downloading this material requires an access code. Access codes are provided with the Strauss, Bradley, Smith text if purchased at Rutgers.

RECITATIONS: The recitations will be devoted to discussion of the assigned homework problems. With some exceptions, homework will not be collected in general. Instead, in almost every recitation there will be a quiz on current material.

GRADED COURSE WORK: There will be a quiz in each recitation. Occasionally you will have homework to hand in at recitation. There will be a 1pt quiz in most lectures. There will be two, in-class, mid-term exams (see syllabus), and a final.

GRADES: The final grade will be based on a cumulative total, computed according to the following weights: 200 pts for the final, 100 points for midterm I, 100 pts for midterm II, 100pts for quizzes/homework.

CALCULATORS: A graphing calculator is need for homework problems and recitation quizzes. Calculators with a QWERTY keyboard are considered computers and are not permitted in recitation quizzes. Graphing calculators will not be used on exams.