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Math 135 Fall 2009— Individual Course Pages or Home Pages

The final exam for all sections of 135 will be given on
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
(Math Group F)

Web Pages for Math 135 by section

Teaching Assistant
Sosa 01-03 Sosa
Shapiro 05-07 Mariya Naumova
Rainsford 09-11 Hernan Castro
Sosa 15-17 Susovan Pal
Soffer 20-22 Tianling Jin
Soffer 24-26 Thomas Tyrell
Subasi 27-29 Arran Hamm
Shapiro 32-34 Thomas Robinson
Noone 35-37 Jinwei Yang
Soffer 38-40 Christopher Gaffney
Ferry 41-43 Ke Wang
Virbhadra 44-46 Knight Fu
Lipper 48-50 Tian Yang
Rainsford 51-53 Rashid
Rashid 54-56 Yuan Yuan
Berkowitz 57-59 Brandon Bate
Berkowitz 62-64 William Frank
Noone 67-69 Yunpeng Wang
Abello 75-77 Thomas Robinson

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