Mathematical Symbols Available In WeBWorK



+ Addition.
- Subtraction.
* Multiplication can also be indicated by a space or jutaposition, e.g. 2x, 2 x or 2*x, also 2(3+4).
/ Division.
^ or ** Exponentiation; e.g. 3^2 or 3**2.
( Left parenthesis - used for grouping expressions.
) Right parenthesis - used for grouping expressions.
pi This gives π, e.g. cos(π) is -1.
e This gives the constant e, or roughly 2.71828182845905, e.g. ln(e) is 1.
E Scientific Notation. For example, 2.1E2 gives 210 and 2.1E-2 gives .021.
abs( ) The absolute value function.
sqrt( ) The square root function. Note: Sometimes WeBWorK does not allow sqrt( ). In those cases, try ( )^(1/2).
exp( ) The exponential function. exp(x) is the same as e^x
log( ) or ln( ) The natural logarithm function (base e).
logten( ) The logarithm function, base 10.
abs( ) The absolute value function.
fact( ) The factorial function (only non-negative integer input allowed).
cos( ) The cosine function (uses radians).
sin( ) The sine function (uses radians).
tan( ) The tangent function (uses radians).
sec( ) The secant function (uses radians).
csc( ) The cosecant function (uses radians).
cot( ) The cotangent function (uses radians).
arccos( ) or acos( ) The arc-cosine function.
arcsin( ) or asin( ) The arc-sine function.
arctan( ) or atan( ) The arc-tangent function.

Common Mistakes for Input

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