WeBWorK: Spring 2012

Link Professor Sections
Soffer01-02-03-04S12 Soffer 01,02,03,04
Seneres06-07-08S12 Seneres 06,07,08
Ferry10-11-12S12 Ferry 10,11,12
Nunziante13-14-15S12 Nunziante 13,14,15
Perelman16-17-18S12 Perelman 16,17,18
Kabus21-22-23S12 Kabus* 21,22,23
Sosa28-29-30-31S12 Sosa 28,29,30,31
DuPre35-36-37-38S12 DuPre 35,36,37,38
Duvvuri40-41-42S12 Duvvuri 40,41,42
Duvvuri44-45-46S12 Duvvuri 44,45,46
Shapiro71S12 Shapiro 71
*Switched from Kramar.
To the left are links are to the WeBWorK page for each class. Please note the following:

Never Used WeBWorK Before?

The best way to get acquainted with WeBWorK is to go ahead and start using it. Since you are not penalized for wrong answers, there is plenty of room to experiment and get adjusted. The initial set of problems is mainly review, so you should also treat it as WeBWorK orientation. You may also wish to practice or to experiment with any sections marked "not for a grade."

Please refer to the WeBWorK guide for more on how to operate WeBWorK: WeBWorK Guide.

The following link is useful, too: Functions That WeBWorK Understands. It goes over the basic syntax of WeBWorK.

WeBWorK is a web-based homework system designed at the University of Rochester. The main WeBWorK site at the University of Rochester can be accessed by clicking on this link.