After logging in you will see a list of homework sets.

Beside each set is information about the set. The open date is when the problems will be available to work on, the due date is when you can no longer submit answers for credit, and the answer date is the time at which the answers will be available.

To view the problem set "Set 0", for example, click on the "Set 0" link. Then click on the problem number you wish to do.

If you have trouble viewing the problem you may change the format by choosing to view equations as "formatted" instead of the default "images" on the lower left of the browser window. One caveat is that you need to set the encoding properly (e.g. Western(MacRoman) for Mac Netscape) for best results.Other options are also available but they may be harder to read.

Enter your answers and click on the 'Submit Answer' button. For more complicated answers you might want to preview your answer before submitting it. This shows what the computer thinks you have entered (which is not necessarily the correct answer).

Once you have submitted an answer, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If not, you can try again. Note that once you have submitted an answer it is saved.

After you've tried a problem, you can either go to the next problem, the previous problem, or see the list of the problems again by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the top of the page. The final score for a set is the number of problems you have correct by the deadline.

Tip: It is best not to wait until the last possible moment to submit your answers. Do them when you can and take advantage of the instantaneous feedback webwork offers.