1. On the page listing the problems for a particular set there is a 'status' column indicating the score on each problem. You may need to reload the page to see your current status.

2.To see your grades simply click on the grades button on the left side of the browser window. The headings are Set, Score, Out Of, Ind, and Problems.
  • The score (the number of right answers for that set) is the grade you have for the set.
  • The Out Of column gives the total number of questions, i.e., the maximum score.
  • The "ind" column is a statistical "success" indicator for the problem set, calculated as: ((totalNumOfCorrectProblems / totalNumOfProblems)^2)/ AvgNumOfAttemptsPerProblem) which is a fairly good indicator of how well you are grasping the concepts. The Ind column has nothing to do with your grade.
  • Then finally the Problems column indicates which problems have been correcly answered.

  • Note: You do NOT have to send feedback in order to submit your problem set. Your problems are submitted as you go. Please check the status column on the problem list page, or the score column on the grades page in order to verify your score.