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Math 109 - Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teaching

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This geometry course is designed specifically for future teachers, and is strongly recommended for those pursuing the 15-credit middle school mathematics endorsement. It is also very suitable for future teachers at the elementary level who are strong mathematically (e.g. who have done well in another 100 level mathematics course at Rutgers). The emphasis of the course is on understanding the mathematics conceptually, and articulating the reasoning process.

The prerequisite is Math 026:Intermediate Algebra, or equivalent. Many students take Math 107 before 109, but taking the courses in this sequence is not required.

Registration for Math 109 requires a special permission number. Contact Prof. Weingart directly (weingart [at] math [dot] rutgers [dot] edu).

Schedule Archives

Fall 2018 Schedule

Generally at intervals of three semesters. Last offered Spring 2014. Next offered Fall 2015.


"Mathematics for Elementary Teachers" by Sybilla Beckmann, Third Edition, Pearson Addison Wesley;
(ISBN: 0-321-65427-7; ISBN13: 9780321654274)


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